About ChilliVault – Digital Asset Managment Software

ChilliVault is a content management platform that allows you to store, manage and present your content in a simple and effective way. The application includes a full suite of management tools, reporting abilities, and search facilities.

Many companies rely on ChilliVault as an integral part of their daily workings, and is a trusted service for some of the largest names in advertising. ChilliVault was built with media professionals in mind and therefore is perfectly suited to managing your entire portfolio online.

About ChilliBean – Digital Large File Transfers & Delivery Specialists

ChilliBean is based on an ethos of client service and technology, specialising in digital content management and delivery. Established in 2004, the company is shaped, planned and managed by a group of industry leaders from the post production, production and advertising world.

ChilliBean's services include digital storage, workflow project management tools, online collaboration tools and international broadcast delivery for production, post-production, advertising agencies and award shows.

Headquartered in London's Soho, with collaborative partners in New York and Manchester, we have media hosted in over 100 locations worldwide and deliver terabytes of data around the world.

The company is privately owned, totally independent and not tied to any third party provider. This enables us to have a very flexible and open relationship in the media world, thus being the global solutions provider for the media industry.

Other Products – Commercial Film Production Showreel Directory

SohoSoHo is the international Showreel Directory, content management and promotional tool designed specifically for the advertising production community.

SohoSoHo is free to browse; ideal if you are looking for the right talent for your next project. All the contacts, reels, latest work and stories you need to see, all in one place.